Tumblr Game Time: Praey for the Gods

Tumblr Game Time: Praey for the Gods

Are you ready to unleash the hero inside yourself? Do you have the skills to survive alone in a hostile environment? Suit up and see for yourself in Praey for the Gods, where you’ll explore (and hopefully survive) the dicey but beautiful eeriness of never-ending winter, all while discovering the secrets to restoring balance in a world governed by the gods. Ooooh, we’re already hooked! 

You can play this over on Steam and check for any developments over on No Matter’s website.  

Tumblr Game Time: Heaven Will Be Mine(@worstgi…

Tumblr Game Time: Heaven Will Be Mine

Calling all fans of 1980s giant robot anime and queer science fiction! We see you! In Heaven will Be Mine, you can choose one of three terribly behaved girls to fight a war that will determine the fate of space, all while making some terrible life decisions in the romance department—dun dun DUUUNN! This is a queer sci-fi visual novel about dying science fiction dreams and messy twenty-something lesbian dating. What’s not to love?

Head over to their Tumblr at @worstgirlsgames to find out more, or simply go directly to your vendor of choice, whether that’s Steamitch, or the app store. And if you really can’t get enough, there’s some really cool merch over on their website.

Tumblr Game Time: Haven

Tumblr Game Time: Haven

Real life can be boring. And sad. And hard. There’s nothing wrong with a little escapism. Enter Haven, an adventure RPG about everyday love and rebellion. You and your romantic partner will try to escape to a lost planet. The only thing that matters: staying together.

The trailer for Haven shows a truly beautiful game that takes place in a breath-taking world. Play the video above to hear an exclusive description of this unreleased game. 

Haven will be available on PC, PS4, and Switch in 2020. Don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam!

Tumblr Game Time: GET IN THE CAR, LOSER!

Tumblr Game Time: GET IN THE CAR, LOSER!

Okay, here’s the deal. No one can explain GET IN THE CAR, LOSER! better than the people behind GET IN THE CAR, LOSER! That’s why we feel compelled to simply copy and paste their provided press kit language:

GET IN THE CAR, LOSER! Is a lesbian road trip RPG by the co-creator of Ladykiller in a Bind about fighting for love and justice in the face of indifference, and “discovering yourself,” whatever the fuck that means.

Do you see what we mean? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If you want to hear more about this game (why wouldn’t you?), watch the video above for an exclusive video from Christine Love (@christinelove), the writer, programmer, and designer of this soon-to-be classic.

GET IN THE CAR, LOSER! will be available in early 2020. You can visit their Steam page here, and follow Christine’s Tumblr over at @christinelove.

Tumblr Game Time: Arcade Spirits (@arcadespiri…

Tumblr Game Time: Arcade Spirits (@arcadespirits

Have you ever wanted to run your own arcade in the 1980s? Of course you have. It’s a universal dream, spanning generations and continents across the world. Lucky you, Arcade Spirits is an adventure RPG here to help you live your best Funplex fantasy. Tap the video to hear more from the Narrative Designer of Fiction Factory Games.

Arcade Spirits is available on PC, Mac, and Linux and you can purchase it at Steam or Itch.io. Don’t forget to follow their Tumblr over at @arcadespirits!

We’re going to PAX West!

We’re going to PAX West!

 …And we’ll be delivering you the sweet, sweet indie game goods while we’re there. Stay tuned to this space for exclusive interviews with the creators of some of the most exciting indie video games from the past year and sneak peeks of future faves that have yet to be released. We’re talking Praey for the Gods, Get In The Car, Loser!, Arcade Spirits, Haven, and Heaven Will Be Mine. This is Tumblr Game Time.

Keep your eyes peeled to @gaming. Our first Tumblr Game Time launches tomorrow. Fans of romance visual novels are going to want to see this.

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