World building is a key factor of the making o…

World building is a key factor of the making of a given gaming experience. Engaging player's curiosity and will to discover original ways of approach as well as detailing a set piece of environment, a scenary capable to tell a story in silence; so the question is: when do you draw the line that separate a properly developed level with the right amount of stimulations and details, from instead giving an overwelming amount of informations, leading further from the actual purpose of a set mission?

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Answer Time day is upon us! Over the course of today, we’ll share our answers to some of the questions that you submitted to us here on Tumblr. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with Critical Role, we’re a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors that began streaming our home Dungeons & Dragons game to Twitch in 2015. Since then, we’ve opened a new studio of our very own and are now in the depths of our second campaign, which follows a group of adventurers known as the Mighty Nein. You can check us out live every Thursday evening at 7pm Pacific on Twitch or catch up via YouTube or your favorite podcast app. 

Huge thanks to everyone that submitted questions. Our Tumblr ask inboxes and hearts are so, so full.

Critical Role

criticalrole: Bidet, Tumblr bees! We’ve partn…


Bidet, Tumblr bees!
We’ve partnered with our good friends at Tumblr for a very special video Answer Time. Here’s how it works:
-> You ask us questions through our Tumblr page.
-> We’ll select a handful and answer them in video form!
You can ask us all of your burning questions right now and right here.
Be sure to check back right here on Monday, August 12th at 3PM Eastern / 12PM Pacific to watch our answers to YOUR questions.

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