staff: Oh, no. Oh, dear. We have awful news. …


Oh, no. Oh, dear. We have awful news. We accidentally added group chats to Tumblr.

Group chats are a place for you to connect with other people on Tumblr to discuss things that are important to you—like long Furby, or your favorite fandom.

It’s terribly upsetting, but this is going to make it even easier to connect with like-minded people and find new communities you might not know existed.

We have no idea how this came to be

Each group chat can hold up to 100 members. To make matters worse, you can create and join as many group chats as your beating heart desires.

The only good news we can give at this time

Group chats must be a friendly and welcoming space for everyone. When you create a group chat, you become the sole owner and are responsible for how it is run. You alone can invite new members and accept or deny incoming requests to join. Just remember: group chats are publicly viewable, and while only members may participate, anyone on Tumblr can see its contents.

As the owner of a group chat, you possess the power to remove any member or message you feel needs to be removed. However, you do not need to be the owner or even a member to report a violation of our hate speech policy or other aspects of our Community Guidelines. Reports will be properly dealt with by our Trust & Safety team.


We hesitate to tell you this, but to learn more about how to use group chats, head on over to our Help Center. It’s full of tips, tricks, and helpful information. Disgusting. We’re so sorry.

You’ve been warned. We can’t protect you from the truth any longer.

To find existing group chats, just search for them in the app like you would any ol’ topic. If you don’t see what you want, consider being your own hero and making your own. Just tap the new group chat icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard or simply swipe left from the dashboard. There you will see all of the group chats you own or use, as well as the option to make a brand new one by tapping the “+” in the right-hand corner. Make sure you’re using version 14.5.1 or you’ll be spared the horrors of good conversation and finding new friends.

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