Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is coming to Switch …

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is coming to Switch in English – I’m screaming 

SCREAMING. Moon, the RPG deconsstruction by Love-de-Lic, was released on PlayStation in Japan back in 1997 and in the West never. Until now! During the Japanese Nintendo Direct, Million Onion Hotel developer Onion Games (a group of Love-de-Lic vets!) announced plans to release Moon on Switch October 10 in Japan, with an English translation coming afterward.

One night, under the silvery light of a full moon, a young boy is suddenly sucked through his TV and into a videogame — a classic JRPG called “Moon World”. Following closely behind the game’s brave hero, the boy begins his own journey to recover the world’s missing moonlight by collecting “Love”.

As Moon World’s hero loots and levels up by cutting down monsters for experience points — you know, as heroes do — the boy releases their souls and collects their “Love”. Moon is not a game where you’ll fight to level up — your own progress comes by gathering lost “Love”!

As you explore the world, you’ll meet a crazy cast of weird and wonderful NPCs. Observe their strange habits and daily routines by visiting them at different times and days of the week, and learn their secrets to uncover even more lost “Love”!

“Now… use your own power to open the door…”

A lot of stuff happened at this Nintendo Direct, but this is it for me. I cannot believe this. A lot of my favorite game trends – the like, quirky RPG, the game about helping a town full of characters – started here. The Nintendo Switch is the best game console of all time, y’all.

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