Against all odds, Snack World is back ⊟Origina…

Against all odds, Snack World is back ⊟

Originally announced in 2015, and released in Japan in 2017 (on 3DS!), Level-5′s cross-media convenience store roguelike is being released in North America on February 14, 2020! In case you worry that it’s lost even a molecule of Level-5-ness in that period, let me reassure you:

Danger threatens Snack World when the evil mogul Sultan Vinegar attempts to resurrect the Deodragon, Smörg Åsbord. In this roguelike adventure, customize your character and join the heroic treasure hunters Chup, Mayonna, and the gang as they make their way through a slapstick comedy-filled quest to restore order to the land of Tutti-Frutti.

This “Gold” version contains all the expansions from the Japanese version built-in. There’s no mention of the NFC “Snack” and “Jara” toys – those items are in-game and tradable, but no idea if you have to go buy them or whatever. I doubt it!

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